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From the Mitten to the Island

I began my graphic design career in the early 90's in Detroit, Michigan.

My large variety of clients included museums, hospitals, print shops and

countless others. I joined the in-house promotional team of a publishing company,

Gale Research, where I was promoted to Senior Art Director. I transitioned to

high-end art direction working on the Daimler-Chrysler account at a large agency.

A break from work came with my relocation to Hawaii’s Big Island in 2003,

where I began a family and spread new roots. My expertise was utilized at West Hawaii Today's North Hawaii News office as their lead graphic artist, where

I worked for six years. Throughout my career I've taken on a variety of freelance

jobs, designing everything from business cards to billboards. My goal has always

been to provide meticulous, efficient and effective work. I look forward to many

more years of helping clients shine!

You can have both quality and speed.

The compliment I most often hear from clients is that I'm fast. Backed by years of practice, I've become a quality producer, while being able to offer quick turnaround. Good design is one-half aesthetics and one-half human psychology. My software fluency and my skill at pinpointing clear messages combine to create effective products - and happy clients!

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I can write, too.

Nearly all the headlines and copy concepts here in my samples are my creation.

I am able to write all the copy for most pieces. Effective copy is the perfect partner to quality design work.

I am here to help you meet your goals.

All designers – and clients – have their own working style. I strive to be clear and efficient throughout the time line of each project.

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I'm a freelance graphic designer living on Hawai'i's Big Island. I love what I do and it shows! I used to work on high-end national campaigns, and now I put that same polish on small businesses, too. There isn't a design job I haven't done, but I'm especially proud when I can help a non-profit or small local business convey their message beautifully.