What to expect

I want you, my client, to enjoy the work as much as I do.

Whether you’re experienced working with designers, or the process is brand new to you, my goal is to offer you a smooth ride. From start-to-finish, here is an approximation of how we’ll reach a final design together:

The first round of ideas offers variety while aiming at a target audience.

So it begins

After I meet with you in person or virtually for a free consultation, I’ll get an idea of your desired final product, which will inform my work. This begins with collecting inspiration and conducting research. Though you won’t see this vital step, you’ll be presented the initial round of ideas, such as the example here, which was for a logo design. The number of initial ideas you receive will be specified in the job estimate.

Communication leads the way

After you review the first ideas, we meet again, or you may provide feedback via phone or email. Usually there is a preference for one or two designs. Portions may be pulled and mixed-matched with each other to refine the design further for the next round. If nothing is quite hitting the mark, we’ll discuss how to get closer and formulate a new approach. This will lead to the first round of edits, an example of which is shown here. The number of rounds of edits for each job will be specified in its estimate.

In this example, the client gave feedback that portions of three designs from the initial ideas were preferred. I combined them to create this round one of edits.


Perfecting the design

In the rounds of edits following the first, tiny details are modified to reach a final product. This can span any number of rounds of edits, depending on what we first discuss and is specified in the job estimate. Often for logos, the number of rounds of edits is greater than for other projects.

Sometimes a design is “tried on,” as in the example here, where the preferred design was applied to potential uses. In this case, this logo, along with a vertical version of the same, were chosen as the final design package.

Upon final approval, several file types are supplied to the client to meet ongoing needs. For job types other than logos, files are supplied to meet the job type or vendor specifications.